Can I Finish Swedish on Duolingo By December 31st?

I feel so close, yet so far away.

If I really push myself, I might be able to finish the Swedish tree on Duolingo before the end of the year.

Screenshot of my Swedish Duolingo Progress
Partial view of my Swedish progress on Duolingo

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Another Failed T-Shirt Experiment

Five years after my last t-shirt experiment I decided it was time for a new one. This one would be better, I thought, for several reasons.

And, just like the last t-shirt experiment, it failed.

Wearing my new Esperanto shirt at Disneyland!
Wearing one of my new Esperanto shirts at Disneyland.

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My First Impressions of Swedish

Two weeks ago, on a complete whim, I decided to check out the Duolingo course on Swedish. To my surprise, I got hooked, and I've spent up to an hour a day learning Swedish. Here's what I like and don't like about Swedish so far.

The Swedish Flag
Sweden: home to the majestic møøse. No realli!

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The Smarter Way to Use Duolingo

German is hard. At least for me it is. I've tried and given up on German at least two or three times. Even though my Duolingo Profile says it's the language I've leveled up the most on, understanding German was still a big struggle for me.

Screenshot of loading screens
Duolingo is better when combined with....

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So You've Finished a Duolingo Tree, Now What?

Aw, the sense of accomplishment. After months (or longer) of trying, you finally finish a learning tree on Duolingo. It's happened for me twice. A year ago I finished French, and just a couple months ago I finished German.

Screenshot of my Duolinigo Tree
Whoo hoo! Finished the German Duolingo Tree

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