I love learning languages.
Do you?

Hello, I'm Kent. I love learning new languages.

I'm not sure when it started. I do remember as a small child practicing the Spanish I learned from Sesame Street on my Hispanic neighbors across the street. Back then I thought all you had to do to make a Spanish word was to add the letter "o" at the end of an English word. I told them my name was Kento.

I also remember checking out a French-English picture dictionary from the school library in seventh grade. And I took four years of French in high school.

After high school I spent almost two years in Italy serving as a missionary for my church. I loved it. I spent six months in the city of Milan, where not only did I speak Italian, I learned some phrases in Tagalog from Philipino foreigners, some Waloof from Senagalese (West African) street vendors, and tried to improve my Sesame Street Spanish with Central and South Americans.

My next city was Asti.

There the local (disappearing) dialect is Piedmontese. I bought a couple simple grammer books to learn a few things in the local dialect.

Fast forward to today. I can speak Italian, French, Spanish and Esperanto well enough to have a conversation, and I'm currently learning Lao. And not only have I learned a few languages, I've learned a few things about how to learn a language.

What to expect from this site

polyglotkent.com chronicals my journey learning new languages and finding new language learning resources.

In my resources section you will also find language learning resources, many of which are for specific languages.