Hi. I'm Kent.

Come learn a new language with me.

I love learning languages.
Do you?

I'm not sure when it really happened.

I do remember as a small child practicing the Spanish I learned from Sesame Street on my Hispanic neighbors across the street. Back then I thought all you had to do to make a Spanish word was to add the letter "o" at the end of an English word. I told them my name was Kento.

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How to Build Great Language Learning Habits

So, most of us have been there. We get excited about learning Spanish or French or some other language. We buy a book, or heaven forbid, some overpriced software. We imagine ourselves sitting outside a cafe in Paris, reading the Le Monde newspaper with the Eiffel Tower behind our back and the cool Parisian breeze in our face.

Then a couple of days go by, or maybe even a couple of weeks, and our goal of learning a new language gets quietly forgotten.

How do you become a consistent language learner? Here's one idea.

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What is the hardest part about learning a language?

What is the hardest part about learning a language?