Resources for Learning Esperanto

Learn Swedish


Duolingo is probably the best place to start for Esperanto. They have Esperanto courses for speakers of English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Listening Practice

8 Sidor

8 Sidor provides news articles in easy Swedish.

Sverige Radio

Listen to news stories in Swedish. A little more difficult than 8 Sidor.

On YouTube

Easy Languages

Easy Languages is one of my favorite channels on YouTube. They don't have very many videos in Swedish, but the videos they have are worth watching. The nice thing about Easy Languages videos is that they interview people on the street, so you are listening to unscripted Swedish, as it is spoken by native speakers.

The videos have subtitles in both English and Swedish. I usually watch the videos a couple of times. First, I read the English subtitles, so I understand the meaning. Then I re-watch and read the Swedish subtitles, to try to improve my listening comprehension.