Resources for Learning German

Learning German

Duolingo has courses for German for speakers of English, Spanish, French, Italian and more.

Listening Practice

Slow German
A great resource. Annik Rubens speaks slowly and clearly about many different subjects. You can also read the transcript as you listen. Stories are downloadable so you can listen off-line as well.

Pronunciation Help

Forvo has over 500,000 recorded pronunciations of German words and phrases.

On YouTube

Easy German
This is one of my favorite YouTube channels. Cari and Janusz interview people on the street, so you hear normal people speaking German. Subtitles are shown in English and German at the same time. They have hundreds of videos.
Super Easy German
Made by the same people who do Easy German, but a little slower, and often focusing on vocabulary or grammar principles.
Eash to Understand Videos

I made this playlist of videos from two German learning series, Nicos Weg and Extra German. Nicos Weg is higher quality, but the videos are longer.