Resources for Learning Bislama

Language Basics

The Wikipedia article on Bislama has a grammar section to get you started. has a guide to speaking Bislama.


Bislama Reference Grammar

A reference written by Terry Crowly

Bislama Dictionary

A Dictionary compiled by Terry Crowly

Online Dictionaries

PDF Dictionary

86-page PDF English-to-Bislama Dictionary from

Reading Practice

Wikipedia in Bislama

Because most of the vocabulary is based on English, English speakers will be able to understand a lot of Bislama from contextual clues. Wikipedia articles are a great place to find written Bislama on hundreds of topics.

On YouTube

Bislama Lessons

Language Beat has a series of Bislama lessons.

Bislama 101

A short introduction to Bislama

Bislama: The Language of Vanuatu

A few missionaries talk about their experiences learning Vanuatu.