Free Printable Lao Alphabet Flash Cards

Sometimes when you can't find the resource that you need online, you create your own. So I created printable Lao flash cards. And since they are useful to me, I'm sure they've got to be useful to at least one other person on the Internet.

Printable Lao Alphabet Flash Cards
Free printable Lao Alphabet flash cards

So a few notes about the flash cards. There are two groups: consonants and vowels. The back of each card has an approximate Romanization of each letter. I got the translations from a different web site, and the translated sounds aren't exactly quite accurate. So until I have audio files of the Lao alphabet on this site, I'd suggest that after you print out the cards, you go to a site where you can hear the sounds of the Lao alphabet -- especially for the vowels; they can be tricky.

You can print the flash cards on card stock, or you can do what I did in the photo above: print them on regular paper and then cut and past onto index cards.

And just like everything else on this site, I appreciate your feedback so I can improve.

You can download the consonants here and you can download the vowels here.


Lori Mann 12 March 2015

I like that you used different colors for the vowels and consonants. One suggestion to make the consonants even better is to color code them into high, middle and low classes. For example, green for low class, blue for middle class, and purple for high class.

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Kent 12 March 2015

Hey Lori,

I love that idea. Thanks for your feedback!

- Kent

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Claire 26 January 2016

Thank you this is great! I've just started learning Lao and there's not very much stuff on line.
Kop Jai der

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Kent 28 January 2016

Bo pen nyang! Glad to be able to help.

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Noi 13 March 2017

Thanks Kent, I was born in Laos but came to Australia when i was very young and only know how to speak Lao, I'm going to learn to how to read and write it now. If i had not found your flash cards i would have done something very similar, saved me hours of work, much appreciated.

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Clara Abbas 2 September 2018

I am interested in purchasing a box of Laos Alphabet Flashcards.
Please, send me information.
Thank you.
Clara Abbas

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Jo Jo 17 July 2020

Thanks, Kent, for the flash cards. My partner is Lao so decided to learn Lao for his & his big family's benefit. Would love to hear an update of how far you went with it! Thanks so much for these important study materials.

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