Resources for Learning Icelandic

Reference sites


Authoritative resource for looking up all the different forms of Icelandic verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc.

Online Icelandic Dictionary

Online Icelandic Dictionary from University of Wisconson. Very useful for searching Icelandic words. Not quite as useful to look up English words to find Icelandic meaning.

On YouTube

Icelandic for Foreigners

So far, my favorite resource for learning Icelandic. Brian is an American who learned to speak Icelandic and spent a couple of years in Iceland. He has several videos about Icelandic pronunciation and grammar.

Brian's explanations are easy to understand and have been very helpful to me at grasping the basics of Icelandic.

Basic Pronuciation of Modern Icelandic

A half-hour video about Icelandic pronunciation from Jackson Crawford, a university professor of Scandinavian Languages and Old Norse.

Other Online Videos


Childrens shows from the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service. Some of the content is only available in Iceland, but there is plenty of shows to watch that are available world-wide.

One of my favorites is Krakkafréttir (Kid News). The presenters speak fairly clearly, and you can turn on Icelandic subtitles.

Online Courses

A collection of grammar and vocabulary lessons for Icelandic. I've only looked at a few so far, but have found them to be helpful. My only complaint is that the few lessons I've gone through so far don't go quite as deep as I would like. It's still worth checking out.

Icelandic Online

This is an online course for "beginners". However, it took me 10 minutes and lots of Google Translate just to sign up. And when I was finally able to subscribe and start my first lesson, I became pretty frustrated.

I might visit this site later, but it isn't for brand new beginners.