Almost Done with Swedish Level 1 on Duolingo

In the next day or so, I will have finished the Swedish tree up to level one in Duolingo. And I'm still on track to level up all skills to level 5 by the end of the year.

Screenshot of my Swedish Duolingo Progress
Almost done with level 1 Swedish

This is exciting for me.

I've completed Duolingo courses up to level one before. I did it in French and Esperanto, though it doesn't currently show because after I finished those two courses Duolingo added more content. And I have all skills leveled up to level 2 in German.

How much is left?

The Swedish tree has 66 skills, or a total of 330 possible crowns. (Each time you level up a skill, you get 1 crown. And in most Duolingo courses, each skill has 5 levels, or 5 crowns available.)

I currently am at 263 crowns out of the possible 330. Including today, I have 22 days left in the year. That means I need to get slightly more than 3 crowns per day.

Here's where I am with my unfinished skills:

Skill Name Current Level Lessons per Level
Present Perfect 4 8
Imperative 4 5
Verbs Infinitive 2 2 9
Nature 2 7
Adjectives 3 3 4
Abstract Objects 2 2 8
Sports 2 5
Directions 2 4
Arts 2 5
Medical 2 8
Politics 1 7
Communication 2 4
Active Participles 1 3
Future Perfect 4 1
Science 1 7
Verbs Conditional 1 3
Spiritual 1 3
Passive 1 4
Future Preterite 1 1
Business 0 6
Celebrate 0 ?

Can I keep up this pace?

I'm spending about an hour a day on Swedish right now, and even more on the weekends. What has surprised me most the past 2 weeks is that I haven't slowed down.

I just finished reading Smarter Faster Better by Charles Duhigg for the 3rd time. It's one of my favorite self-improvement books, and I really like the chapter about goals.

I really think I am doing so well with this push to finish the Swedish course by New Year is going so well so far because:

  • It's a stretch goal. It's not easy, and it is pushing me to be a better version of me
  • It's do-able. An hour per day for a month isn't too hard. An hour a day for a year might be, but a month is a small enough chunk of time to commit to.
  • I'm having fun. So far Swedish is one of my favorite languages.

Okay. Enough rambling on. I have some Swedish lessons to do.


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