Learning Esperanto in Six Weeks - Day Twelve

It's day twelve of the Learning Esperanto in Six Weeks challenge. I'm still studying, but it looks like I'm doing horrible at updating this blog.

Today I wanted to compare the two Android Phone apps I've been using to build my vocabulary.

Intense EO

Screen shot of Intense EO
Intense EO Screenshot

I've been using Intense EO since about day 3 or 4 of the challenge. It claims to build your vocabulary quickly, up to 100 words a day. I haven't been counting how many words I've learned with it, but I will say it does a pretty good job of building vocabulary quickly.

I like that unlike most flash card apps, there are 7 words on the screen. Tapping on the Esperanto word reveals the English word. Tapping on it again reveals the Esperanto word again. You can shuffle the words after you've gone through them. When you're done with those words click next to get another seven.

The biggest complaint I've seen on the reviews for this app is that it always starts at the beginning, even if you've been using the app and have already learned a couple of hundred words.

The best way to work around this problem is to go into the categories section and uncheck the categories you have already mastered. This is kind of inconvenient and it's not always easy to realize what categories you've finished.

So despite its shortcomings, I would say this is a useful app, and it has helped me to increase my vocabulary.


The other app I've been using is Anki. I discovered it a could of days ago. I wish I had discovered it sooner.

Screen shot of Anki
Anki Screenshot

While Intense EO is ready to use as soon as you download it, Anki has a couple of extra steps before it's ready to use. You need to sign up for a free Anki account to download flash card decks that other people have created. And then you need to find and download at least one of those decks.

I downloaded the Esperanto 101 deck. It has over 1100 words. I've gone through about 350 of those words in about 3 days. (Probably well over half of those I had already learned from Intense EO.)

There are a couple of advantages to Anki. One is that many of the cards will show you related words, and the word used in a sentence. Seeing the word used in a sentence really helped me with my comprehension of the language.

The other advantage of Anki is spaced repetition. After you see a word, you can tell Anki how soon you need to see it again. If it's a word that you don't think you've memorized yet, tell Anki you need to see it again in less than a minute. If it's a really easy word you don't think you'll forget, tell Anki to show it to you again in 4 days.

The biggest drawback to Anki is that since I am trying to learn Esperanto as quickly as possible, I have to keep telling it to increase the number of words I want to learn per day. But that's not hard to do. When you run out of words for the day, and want to keep going, click on "Custom Study" and then "Increase today's new card limit".

Which one should you use?

I'm still using both, but spending more time with Anki. They are both useful, but I think Anki is more useful. Anki can be used on iPhone and Android or on your computer. I don't know if Intense EO is on any other platform besides Android.


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